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Poison Ivy Rash: Poison Ivy Home Remedies

A poison ivy rash is red and itchy that has small blisters and bumps. Your mom probably told you to beware of plants with three pointed leaves. The offending part is urushiol oil. Usually you’ll see the rash
a few days after you touched the plant. It can last for three weeks but people often get [...]

Dog Rash-Scratching And Itching

It’s painful to watch your pet suffer such as witnessing a dog rash with excessive itching and scratching or a cat rash problem. Dogs can suffer from allergic dermatitis, parasites, environmental reaction, fleas etc. They may have allergies to foods or problems with a laundry detergent or house cleaner just like humans. It’s hard because they [...]

What Is Psoriasis - Understanding Psoriasis Causes

Psoriasis is a skin rash that has a number of varities. The most common one is called plaque psoriasis. Common locations are the knee areas, elbows and scalp but it can appear anywhere on the body and is characterized by red patches that have white-colored scales over them.
Other forms of psoriasis include guttate, pustular and [...]

Ringworm Treatment - Is There A Cure for Ringworm

When we hear the ringworm, we associate it with a parasite or a worm.
However, ringworm is a fungus infection. Fungus infections grow due
to moisture and humidity. It is the same as athelete’s foot and jock itch
except it’s on the body. Some people catch it from animals and you can also
pick it up from others if [...]

Razor Burn-Shaving Rash Blues

Rashes from shaving are common and occur for both males and females.
Sometimes called, razor bumps, it can be very frustrating and especially
problematical if you shave your bikini area for a paradise vacation and
have to hide the area due to multiple red bumps. Worse, is that the
rash can even get infected (which can be helped by tea tree [...]

Lupus Rash:Skin Lupus

The lupus rash is characterized by a rash across cheeks and nose in shape
of a butterfly.Lupus is an autoimmune disease and there is both the systemic and discoid varieties.The rash often recurs and it can also be on scalp, chest,back and feet. The butterfly rash on the face has a red tint to it.
Some people [...]

Rash from Sofa Due to Fungicide

Over 1300 people have had a rash reaction from leather sofas manufactured in China. Some people have been hospitalized for a month due to the rash, blisters and burn marks. Pressure is being put on retailers to take back these items. It is believed that the reaction has to do with a substance that called [...]

Lichen Planus Rash Symptoms and Treatment

Lichen planus is a rash that often is for age group 32-68. There are various symptoms but it can also include bumps in the mouth as well as in nail area. The rash consistss of bumps that are red or purple and often on the inside of wrists and ankles. They can also be on [...]

Stress Rash:Stress Induced Hives Rashes

When one is under a lot of inner agitation and worry, a stress rash can develop. Stress can also aggravate an existing rash caused by allergies, bacteria, viruses or insects. We often note that many digestive issues can be stress-related. For instance before giving a presentation someone can develop loose bowels. Many kids at [...]