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What Is Scabies - Treatment for Scabies

Scabies is highly contagious and often tough to diagnose because it can look like dermatitis, welts from hives, pimples and other skin rashes. Since it is a very itchy rash it can be also obscured due to the scratch marks as well as possible bacterial infections such as impetigo which may mask it.
Scabies mites are [...]

Anti-Depressants for Itching - Is It A Good Idea

When you are very itchy it makes you cranky , anxious and scared. You don’t know how long you’ll have the rash. Sleep is very poor often and there is a sense of total exhaustion the next day. If you have a job or you are watching kids life can seem almost impossible. Should you [...]

What Is Pityriasis rosea

Pityriasis Rosea is a skin rash that is itchy for about less than half of the people who contract it. Is it called “pity” for a reason? LOL. This is one possible rash diagnpsis give to me for my spots. It usually begins with the ‘herald patch’ but not always. Then there are spots on trunk [...]

My Rash Diary - What’s My Diagnosis

Well, I just had a 3rd biopsy of my rash analyzed today. It’s been over 3 months. The first time I saw a doctor he said it could be scabies and gave me the scabies cream. It did seem a little better for a few days but then my arms broke out badly.
The next doctor [...]

How to Reduce Stress When You Have An Itchy Red Rash

Some people get a rash or itching completely due to stress and others find that though the cause is not stress, stress will aggravate it. One thing my dermatologist told me was to not spend time at google images making myself crazy! It is so true. When I was told I had nummular eczema, I [...]

How to Stop Scratching an Itch from Eczema, Hives or Another Skin Problem

With eczema, hives and other skin conditions we are told to not scratch the itch. Think about feeling 100 mosquito bites at once and you’ll know the level of heroic self-control this advice requests. It seems impossible to do.
What does it take to NOT scratch? First of all, the approach is to use antihistamines and [...]

Eczema Diagnosis - Getting A Second Opinion

Though I was diagnosed with nummular eczema, I saw another dermatologist today for another point of view. Well, he said it could be nummular eczema OR it could be a fungus or yeast rash. One thing he did tell me was to not look at pictures on the internet anymore using google images!
Identifying a rash [...]

Itch Lotion - Anti Itch Creams That Are Effective

Though getting to the root of the itch is the best way to treat the rash problem . Nonetheless, an itch lotion that is effective is what’s on most people’s minds and by improving sleep this helps the immune system and one’s sanity as well.  An anti itch cream is also essential for kids who [...]

Nummular Eczema - Red and Itchy

I was scared to show my dermatologist my rash, but it was so itchy and bizarre looking I really had no choice.  It was all over my lower back, a little bit over my hips and a bit on my upper butt. Some were red circles , others looked like welts. I needed a benadryl [...]

Hives Rash - What Is It and Boy Can it Itch

A hives rash can occur due to stress, an allergic reaction or an underlying infection. They can be little pimples, welts or larger patches.

Understanding Itchy Skin Rash Problems

There are many types of itchy skin rash problems and they can be very frustrating. Some can be chronic, others may be related to an underlying disease and still others may be very hard to identify the cause that gave rise to the rash. What’s frustrating is that many seem similar in appearance and it’s [...]